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Welcome to sely's website!

This ist a private website of Klaus Schreier and contains information about electronic staff and computer staff. You can also get some personal information about me.

Tecnique of this website:
This website consists of a self written framework in java (containing a CMS) with own JSP-tags. For viewing the sites it will be used a Jakarta-Tomcat 5.5. All dynamic data (data for menus, users, CMS, ...) will be stored in a MySQL-database. This site is hosted on a root server EX4 from Hetzner..

Because I produce some errors I appologies at this position for that, but I do my best. If you find some errors, please inform me.

That's enough introduction. I thank you for your interrest in my website. If you have some questions or want to get some more informations, please feel free to contact me.

If you want to add a message to my guestbook, feel free!


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